Hacking Talents

Hacking Talents has been selected as ALPHA Startup for the WebSummit edition 2022!

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the problem we solve

Organizations waste 3B € of productivity every quarter

6 months of salary is the average cost of losing an employee

+306 K people left their jobs just in Q1 2022 in Italy

93% of employees would stay if the company would invest in their professional growth

Our services

Hacking Talents empowers humans at work

We support organizations in boost their productivity and retention generation well-being at work.

We developed 3 services that accelerate emotional intelligence capabilitie within organizations to align their daily job with their personal satisfaction!

Structured match with colleagues

To break the silos, create organizational awareness and human legacy

Weekly Coaching Pills

To distribute academic knowledge and train with concrete exercises

Match with external experts

To deliver custom scalable programs with Certified Coaches and Communication experts

we are a benefit company

We stand for People Sustainability

We guide organizations toward people-related sustainability, accompanying individuals in connecting with their infinite talents.

That's why we decided to constitute as a Benefit company.

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